Western Canada

Mumby Manufacturing Ltd

is a proud distributor for Fibertop®, Engineered Wood Fiber (EWF). Canadian made with specially processed, virgin wood grindings will add an entirely new dimension to your new or existing playground surface while providing accessibility to participants.

Fibertop® is IPEMA certified to ASTM F2075 and ASTM F1292 and complies with CAN/CSA Z614.

Mumby Manufacturing Ltd. has added a completely new way for dealers to efficiently, confidentially, and economically source EWF through our new Fibertop® Western Canada Website. The process is simple. Request to become a dealer on our Fibertop® Western Canada website. Upon approval, you will receive the necessary details to login to our exclusive dealer portal of the Fibertop® site. Here dealers will have an online calculator that seamlessly provides quick and precise project quotes. Simply enter the quantity required and distance from our manufacturing location. You will have a delivered quote nearly instantly. There will be no need to wait numerous days for an estimate from a US supplier and your request remains complete confidentiality. Mumby Manufacturing will only know the order destination after the order is placed. Providing a fair service to all dealers.

Find our Fibertop® website here: