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Gooseneck Hitches
Removable & Tough

Our hitches are easy to install, easy to use, leave your box completely free, and also strong enough to pull the heaviest of loads.

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RV Adapters
5th Wheel to Gooseneck Conversion

Our RV Adapters are the toughest in the industry, and include an industry-leading guesset system to relieve stress on the kingpin of your trailer.

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Ease-Guide™ Couplers
Trailer Hitching Made Easy

Introducing our revolutionary trailer couplers which take the stress and guesswork out of hooking up to your trailers

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Mumby Manufacturing Ltd...

Has been manufacturing 5th Wheel hitches and accessories for almost twenty years in the heart of the Canadian Prairies. We have a reputation for designing and manufacturing simple, yet strong and reliable products.

What better proof, than the fact that some of the first removable hitches and adapters we manufactured are still in use today. Now that's strength and durability! We are the only manufacturer of RV Hitch Adapters in North America that utilize the Ease-Guide™ Trailer Couplers. But then why shouldn't we, The Ease-Guide™ Trailer Couplers belong to us and are exclusive to Mumby Manufacturing Ltd. and our distribution system.




If you're looking for an easy, straightforward, and uncomplicated towing system that's simple to install and doesn't leave a permanent ball or cumbersome fifth wheel hitch in your truck bed, the Mumby Removable Ball Gooseneck Hitch is the solution.
Our Ease-Guide™ coupler for your trailers with no moving parts and a self guiding mechanism, provide trouble free hook ups for the life of your trailers.
It's that simple.


Now you can tow any gooseneck trailer with a ball hitch system that's bolted to the truck frame. And, when you don't need it, simply release the Mumby ball from the socket, remove the safety chain plate and store them all in our handy case in your truck cab.
For your RV, the hitch stays on your trailer and not in your truck box.
It's that convenient.


Mumby's Removable Ball Gooseneck Hitch fits all makes and models of trucks. It gives you the flexibility to tow a gooseneck stock trailer, a gooseneck flatbed trailer, or a recreational vehicle -- all from the same gooseneck hitch. So you can use it for both work and play.
It's that versatile.


We know you need a towing system that's dependable, strong, and long-lasting. At Mumby we go to great lengths to ensure our products are made from high-quality components -- such as high-density steel for our hitch ball and a powder coated finish on our RV adapters. Mumby products are third party tested to ensure they meet or exceed all applicable SAE transportation standards.
It's that strong.