The Mumby Removable Ball Gooseneck Hitch...

is an easy-out 2 5/16" ball hitch to pull goose-neck trailers. It simply drops through the removable safety chain attachment plate into a frame-mounted socket base where a spring-loaded pin locks the hitch in place. When you are not using your Gooseneck hitch, you simply release and remove the ball and safety chain plate from inside your truck box and store it behind your seat in the tough rubberized canvas storage bag supplied. A flush fitting plug replaces the ball, keeping the receiver socket clean.

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Gooseneck Install Instructions
Removable Ball Gooseneck Hitch

Amazing Product!

The Removable Ball Gooseneck Hitch for the 2013 Dodge 3500 & 2014 Dodge 2500 (and newer models).

Attaches in 3 easy steps! High quality with a new low price!

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Top 10 Reasons

To Own a Mumby Gooseneck Hitch

Mumby gooseneck hitches boast the following 10 features:

  • The Mumby is the only removable ball gooseneck hitch that can be released from the
    inside of the truck box

  • Our hitch ball simply drops through the removable safety chain attachment plate into
    a frame-mounted socket base

  • The locking pin is spring loaded so it automatically locks when the hitch ball is installed.

  • Easy installation - Minimal or no drilling is required in the truck frame

  • A 30,000lb towing capacity

  • A removable safety chain and anchor plate eliminates the need for safety chain attachment

  • The shank of the removable ball and the receiver bushing are tapered to provide easy installation
    and removal.

  • The plastic plug is designed to prevent dirt and debris from entering the open receiver bushing
    when the ball is not installed

  • The release pin hole is drilled through the shank of the ball and both walls of the receiver bushing
    to allow easy access to the locking pin

  • A sharp looking carrying case is included with each purchase to store the hitch components in a
    secure dry place when not in use.

    NOTE: The hitch ball is NOT stored upside down in the receiver bushing exposed to the elements
    and the risk of theft