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RV Adapter C/W 6 extentions

You can pull your RV using the same easy-out gooseneck ball hitch with the RV Hitch Adapter.

Mumby's RV Hitch Adapter clamps on to the existing King Pin of your fifth wheel RV. No drilling, bolting, or alterations to your RV. We are simply converting a fifth wheel style camper to a goose-neck style camper, so you don't need a cumbersome fifth wheel hitch in your truck box. For RVs longer than 28', an optional gusset kit is available to eliminate the added stress longer trailers can place on the kingpin box.

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Product Item Description Model #
Kingpin to Gooseneck Ball RV Hitch Adapters Kingpin to Gooseneck Ball
RV Hitch Adapters,
24,000lb Rating
RV Adapter Gussets for RVs 28 inches or longer RV Adapter C/W 6 inch extension RVHA6E
RV Adapter Gussets for RVs 28 inches or longer RV Adapter Gussets for RV's
28 feet or longer

We Have

Rich Experience in Manufacturing

Mumby Manufacturing Ltd. has been manufacturing 5th Wheel Hitches and accessories for twenty years.

We have a reputation for designing and manufacturing strong, reliable products

Since introducing our RV Hitch Adapter 15 years ago, we watched the RV market change and evolve,
and saw the trailers become larger and longer. Flexing in the Kingpin box can become an issue on trailers 28' or
longer when using any Kingpin to Gooseneck Ball adapter or Gooseneck extension. Our customers told us as that
they don't want to quit using their Mumby RV Adapter on their new trailer and we need to come up with a solution.

All our adapters now come with two forged tabs to provide a point of attachment for "Flex Eliminating" gussets
that are then fastened to the rear of the kingpin box. These tabs have also allowed Mumby Manufacturing to offer an
optional 6" extension that enables trucks with 5.5" truck boxes or lack of sufficient clearance between the truck cab
and ball hitch to now pull a 5th wheel RV.

The installation of our RV Adapters is fast and easy. No drilling or bolting is required, to fasten the
adapter to the RV Kingpin. A specially designed, two piece, machined block, clamps around the Kingpin.
The rest of the adapter fastens to this block and is tightened up to the Kingpin plate for a strong, safe, install that only
takes 10-15 minutes.

NOTE: On trailers longer than 28', two ½" holes have to be drilled into the back part of the kingpin box to
attach the "Flex Eliminating" gussets to.